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For long term results in globalization, it is important to consider both its advantages and disadvantages. Globalization permits free trading which allows many investors from international brands to pay less tax thus allows you to enjoy affordable goods and services. This is also proven efficient in developing better solutions in order to address various and specific needs of the global consumers. Given that there are now new companies entering, this also generates more employment to the people thus reducing poverty in most places. But globalization also has disadvantages. Most companies seek to reestablish their market to poorer countries for more profit and low cost labor. One of the main issues with globalization is forgetting local culture as more and more people are focused on Western or advanced ways. Survey can attest that majority now listen to foreign music, take part in global events and even east fast food chains that are not local to a country. Basically, in order to balance globalization and lessen its disadvantages, government should create innovative methods that will reap its benefits without destroying the culture and values of the country.

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